The composition of one tablet contains 10 mg Turinbol lordgydrethyltestosterone, and auxiliary ingredients: magnesium stearate, kollidon Cl, Ludipress, FDC colored yellow no. 5.

a form of relaxation

The drug is available in the form of a flat, telephone pills are square shapes with rounded edges, recorded and valium. On each tablet on one side imprinted “10” on the other – “bp”.

The tablets are packed:

  • In blisters with 20 units 3 in the blister of cardboard .;
  • packs 5, 15, 25, 50, 100 and 500 pieces.
  • vial in 5, 15, 25, 50 and 100 units.

pharmacological effects

anabolic steroid.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

4-Kloro-1-Dihidro-17-alpha-methyltestosterone or Turinbar-is steroid ingredients for oral giving. Explotations predominantly anabolic activity in combination with relatively weak androgen measures: an an an an an an anal anabolic effect of medicine twice activity testosterone, While his androgenic effect is two less than testosterone.

Other than another Anabolics and steroid androgens, Turinbar penetrates cell membranes and forms a complex that penetrates the core of the cell, communicates with its receptor, which binds to DNA as a transcription factor and determines the synthesis of certain proteins and RNA.

Anabolic effect is more pronounced at the level of skeletal muscles and bones, as well as organs and tissues with intense division (mucous membranes, bone marrow, etc.).

Turinbar mainly causes body weight and muscle mass, an increase in scale. To increase the effect of the drug is often used in combination with others Anabolics. Many athletes spent on drink Turinbar Course + Deca durabolin, Turinbol + Sustanone, testosterone propionate + Turinbol, Turinbol + boldenone, Turinbol + apartment, Turinbol + Primobolan.

At the drug level, it promotes the bones of Ca’s deposition, allegedly by reducing bone reactivity parathyroid hormone and / or stimulating a protein matrix. Anabolic effects play an important role in performing anabolic effects:

  • increase in protein synthesis;
  • a positive nitrogen balance;
  • delay and potassium phosphate;
  • Inhibition of amino acid catabolism.

An important feature of the drug is its ability to stimulate the formation, development and maturation of blood cells.

Especially a strong influence on him erythropoiesis. The effect is achieved due to the fact that under the influence of Turinbar, the synthesis of the EPO glycoprotein hormone is improved to be the primary regulator erythropoiesis.

In fact Turinbar – derivatomas Methandrostenolone, In doing so, the 4-charge atom adds CL (4-Ci-Dihidro-117 –methiltestosterone). Upgrade can maintain efficiency Methandrostenolone when he receives per axis, with the asset being not inactivated in the “first passage” through the liver and not exposed to aromatization (ie conversion in estradiol)

The substance is metabolised quickly, the end metabolism products are shown as quickly: Turinbar does not detect in the urine on average one week after completion of the course.


The preparation can be used as adjuvans under conditions resulting from protein starvation and is marked by a negative nitrogen balance. Indications for use are:

It seemed appropriate to appoint Turinbar older people with malnutrition or malnutrition receiving long -term corticosteroids for patients during recovery from surgery, trauma and infectious diseases;

Pediatric formulation used in growth retardation, energy loss, anorexia.


Contraindications for the use of Turinbar are:

side effects

Side effects Turinbar most commonly associated with higher doses of the drug and exceeds the recommended duration of the course. Level corresponds to hepatotoxicity hepatoxicity Methandrostenolone.

In dispute, it is noted that only one official examination of side effects is recorded in relatively high doses within 5 years.

  • necrosis of liver cellsby hepatic insufficiency;
  • cholestatic jaundice;
  • cancer liver;
  • Changes in laboratory parameters (enlargement of ALT and AST ALT enzymes, hyperbilirubinemia).

cholestatic jaundice This is due to liver toxicity and after 6 months or more, it may occur. the risk of development cancer liver increases with prolonged (years) use Turinbol.

Endocrine system diseases:

  • Men’s Turinbar moderately inhibits the formation endogenous testosterone. According to medicines, you can impotence, Inhibition of spermatogenesis, prostate hypertrophy (Especially in the elderly) priapism, epididithitis.
  • Boys recorded frequent erections, prezhevremennoe puberty, sometimes pauses growth;
  • In women, the possibility of reducing the excretion gonadotropins– of virilization, including a female embryo when taking pills during pregnancy (deepening voice, acne, enlargement libido, Muscle Development, hirzutism, clitoridauxe, violation menstrual cycle).

Turinbar side effects associated with metabolic disorders:

  • disturbancesolesterinovo balance (Especially LDL enlargement);
  • disturbed glucose tolerance;
  • accelerates excretion creatinine;
  • an increase in concentration CK;
  • Delay ca, k, p;
  • swelling;
  • hypercalcaemia (For a long time immobilized patients a).

During puberty, any premature closure.

In the description anabolic steroids (And, especially, Turinbar) Wikipedia states that uncontrolled taking these drugs can lead to mental disorders, development updots in the lungs and liver, liver failure, thrombosis, sclerosis, Dysfunction of the sexual organs.

In addition, the extent of muscle mass is increased, usually not accompanied by ligaments and tendons so that athletes at Anabolics, frequent damage to periligamentous appliances.

Instructions for use: How to Turinebol?

anabolic steroid is used as a supplement to primary therapy and not to replace. The duration of their use depends on the effectiveness of treatment and the severity of side effects.

For an adult’s daily dosage ranges from 20 to 50 mg. The effectiveness of the Turinbar depends on the dose. Duration of treatment – from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.

How to take Turinbol Athletes?

Daily dose for Turinbar athletes is 2 to 8 tablets 10 mg. Typically, for an athlete weighing 90 kg, it is enough to make 5 tablets a day, but if the use of experience anabolic steroids, the dose may be increased to the most.

The first Turinbar solo course is intended for beginners who are trying to complete the first exercise acceptance Anabolics. This is the most harmless and safe compared to others steroids for oral giving.

There are two tablet regimes. The first involves accepting all doses 1-2 hours before exercise. In the second, the daily dose is divided into 2 doses – in the morning and evening.

The first course includes 200 Solo Turinbol Turinbol tablets and 1 blisters Clomid for cycle therapy (PCT). Last blocks estrogen receptors and helps restore a level testosterone.

The dose changes weekly according to the following principle:

  • 1 week – 3 tablets / day;..
  • Week 2 – 4 tablets / day;..
  • Week 3-5 – 5 tabs / day;..
  • 6. Week – 4 tablets / day;..
  • 7. Week – 3 tablets / day ..

In the next 2 weeks of taking Clomid. In 8. Week – 2, at 9. Week – on card 1 / day.

Another beginner course – Turinbar course + boldenone. Using these drugs, along with the minimum risk of side effects (the only side effect of athletes in most cases from just an increase in running), type “dry” weight and muscle more relief.

The course covers 200 Turinbol tablets Viala boldenone and 1 blisters Clomid.

Turinba the following scheme:

  • 1 week – 3 tablets / day;..
  • Week 2 – 4 tablets / day;..
  • Week 3-4 – 5 Tabs / day;..
  • 4 tablets / day .. – 5-6 week

boldenone It takes 2 to 6 weeks, 200 mg / week. Clomid 7-week pick up from 2, 8-week, 1 tablet per day.

Quick selection on “dry” weight and improve Musculuty athletes spent on drinking Turinbar course + propionate. testosterone propionate This is a means of pronounced androgen activity and a longer half -life.

The course covers 200 Turinbol tablets, ampoules 20 propionate and 1 blisters Clomid.

Turinbol and propionate at 7 weeks as follows:

  • 1 week – 3 tablets / day .. . + 2 amp / week.
  • 2-6 week – 4 tablets / day .. + 1 ampoule every other day;
  • 7 weeks – 4 pills / day .. +2 amp. / Week.

FCT after Turinbol propionate Goes on Clomid Two -week course: 1 week tablet drink 2 in 2. – 1 per day.

Of course the Turinbol + Sustanone It is also intended for those athletes that is not so much a quantity of muscle mass as its quality.

The course lasts 6-8 weeks and is appropriate, even for beginners. Experienced athletes Turinbar We recommend at 40 mg / day., And Sustanone – 250 mg / week. During the last 2-3 weeks the reception of the course Sustanone break and replace it Caught up, yes at 50 mg / day., and propionate, taking it through the day of 50 mg.


have not noticed too much examples.


In combination with corticotropine, glucocorticoid drugs, mineralocorticoids, High -sodium foods inhibit fluid secretion from the body, increases the risk of edema, greater acne severity.

anabolic steroid increase the concentration of indirect anticoagulants and improve their action. This is required Anabolics.

Turinbar can change the effect antidiabetic drugs for oral use to increase the risk of hypoglycaemia and its height.

anabolic steroid can reduce concentration thyroxine binding globulin, By increasing withdrawal Triiodotyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), reducing the level of the entire T4 and without changing the free part thyroid hormones.

the terms of sale

It takes a medical prescription to buy a tablet.

storage conditions

Let the Turinbar tablets recommend in the reach of children, bright-secured place. Optimal storage temperature – 15-25 ° C

shelf life


In the appointment of the patient’s Turinbol should be notified of any side effects. At the first characters virilization Women’s drug undone to prevent irreversible occurrence.

Turinbar can cause procoagulants to prevent spraying II, V, VII, X, which requires constant monitoring, especially in combination with anticoagulants of indirect action.

While using the drug, parameters and lipid liver parameters should be monitored. Older people need state control prostate (Due to increased risk of hypertrophy and its cancer).

Due to the risk of early closure. The effect may take six months after eliminating Turinbar. Therefore, in patients with radiological control of bone maturation agents, the rationality has decided to have a doctor after assessing the ratio / risk ratio.

In patients receiving high doses anabolic steroids, because it is possible polesy should be periodically determined hematocrit and hemoglobin.


Match Level Label 4. ATC:

Turinbar is available under the brand Turinover (Oral -turine) Vermodzhe(Moldova) Turanabol British Dragon (Thailand), Turanbol Balkans Pharmacy (Moldova) Turinabolos Pharmacom Labs Inc. (Chinese) Turinrol 10 Lyka Labs Ltd. (India) Pharmaceutical Turinotabs G-Tech (Chinese) Oral-Turinbol jenaphharm (Germany).

drugs Methandrostenolone, Okasnrolon, Stingtrol, Apartment.

Medicine which business is better?

Feedback from athletes, we can conclude that most of them prefer Turinbol Balkan (Balkans Pharmaceuticals, Moldova).

Steroid profile of the drug:

  • Androgen activity – low (50% testosterone);
  • Anabolic activity – high (180% testosterone);
  • conversion to estrogen – no;
  • Method of use – per axis (tablets);
  • gipogalamo suppression of the pituitary gland -gonad system – moderately low;
  • Hepatotoxicity – high;
  • Detection time – 6-8 days;
  • Duration – 16 hours.

Methane or turinbol?

Turinabol difference (this) from Methandrostenolone (Mm) is the presence of halogen (CL) in its molecule, with the drug weaker to conversion estrogens. In addition, such an update can be significantly reduced time to detect t. doping control compared to her colleague.

The drugs are very similar with the lawsuit, except that when accepting t. Athlete is not getting excess water. Therefore, the weight and power of profits t. increased more slowly than in Moscow, but the muscles look more visible and almost fully maintained the range even after running.

T. is one of the medicines for the first course. More experienced athletes who have experience in successful pharmacological courses also prefer less dangerous Turinba Methandrostenolone, But in combination with other medicines (Sustanone, nandrolon deanoat).

Turinbar is also appropriate when you need to “dry”. In preparation for performance athletes, it is used in combination with Trenbolon, Masterone, testosterone propionate.

a competitive level of girls in combination with t. apartment. Because t. Moderate inhibits formation endogenous testosterone compared to the stronger Androgenic agents, Experienced athletes take to preserve the shape during a high -dose cycle of strong steroids.

T. Outs are its significantly higher costs than in Moscow, as well as what the recipe got harder than m.

Turinbol estimates

Main effects The oral turkey increases speed, endurance, muscle mass and increase consumption efficiency.

The medicine is made by different manufacturers. According to criticism, Turinbol Balkan is the most popular among athletes (prefer about 60% of athletes), second and third place in drug ratings British Dragon Turinbol and Turanbol Vermodje (Are selected, in this order, 11 and 13% of athletes).

Estimates solo turinbar indicate that the drug itself is weak, but it also performs in combination with others steroids. body weight when used will be small but at 100% quality, which means that the results achieved are maintained at the end of the course.

The advantage of the preparation is the absence of DHT-Conversion and, consequently, significant side effects. This is when, by all recommendations, the athlete cannot be afraid hypertension, the stagnation of fluid, gynecomastia and another related to hyperestrogenemia of.

The price of Turinabol

Turinbar price depends on which company produces the medicine and how many pills contain in the package.

Buying Turinbar in Ukraine can, on average, 700 UAH (package # 100).

Buying Turinbar in Moscow can be 1.6-2.5 thousand rubles (package # 100).

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